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Within the Chaos: Uprooting my Life and Venturing into the Great Unknown

Updated: Oct 30

in a few weeks

i'll be leaving oakland

the move is coming fast

yet slow

while packing my favorite items and letting go of what doesn't bring me joy

spending quality time with my friends -- trying to squeeze in just a few more moments together

saying goodbye to my patients -- finally holding their hands and giving them big hugs

admiring the contours of the redwood trees and sliding down muddy trails

my being is quietly rumbling with delight

some may judge

but most seem curious

how could i quit my job

and move away from the place i always felt was my home

unplanned and unpredictable

it seems scary

yet, to me

nothing was scarier than living life halfheartedly

was i fulfilled

was i growing

for years, my ego dominated my thoughts and behaviors

and my heart wondered

in resignation

if it would ever be seen or felt

this is not the life i want

i cannot live in fear

not anymore

so i made a bold move to change

not only my surroundings

but myself

removing as many barriers to my being as i could

i entered the chaos

expecting to be unraveled

but came out experiencing more peace and joy

for so long i forgot who i was

but now i know

the truth is...

i don't know what my future holds


i trust myself

i know failures are lesson

i know that there's so much love, peace, and abundance to keep cultivating and sharing

i believe i can create my reality and i no longer need to accept what was handed to me

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